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Reinventing Telemarketing Through Innovation

Telemarketing is increasingly being frowned upon with lesser and lesser budgets being allocated to it. This is in spite of the fact that it is telemarketing is one of the most effective tools with higher conversion rates (about 27%). The problem – Telemarketing is Expensive! 62% of B2B marketers complained that lack of resources, staffing […]

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NH7 Weekender show

Post the Visual Disobedience launch, a lot of people have been asking us if we will be hosting events in other cities. Well, of course we are. For the first time, Visual Disobedience will make its presence felt in another city, and what better place to start with the Capital. The merry old folks at NH7 […]

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Launch of Visual Disobedience – A Bohemian Virtual Space for Inspired Ideas

Join our launch of Visual Disobedience at Julius Macwan Institute in Khar (W) on September 22 and 23, 2012. Create. Connect. Collaborate Visual Disobedience was born over beers and banter about Mumbai’s shanty-chic aesthetic. Within our network of friends, there were visual artists creating works with an edgy, contemporary funk. It was simply a question of six degrees […]

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Nexsales launches LinkStreak – an innovation that will revolutionize telemarketing

Nexsales recently launched their newest innovation to telemarketing – LinkStreak at the MarketingSherpa B2B Summit 2012. LinkStreak enables inside sales reps to have meaningful sales conversations with 8 – 11 highly targeted prospects every hour. Attendees of the MarketingSherpa B2B Summit 2012 at Florida for their first taste of LinkStreak. Here is what our first […]

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Nexsales contributes to the continuing success of MarketingSherpa events since 2009

Nexsales has been supporting Marketing Sherpa B2B Summits since 2009 including their B2B, Email and more recently their Optimization summits and increased its new event attendees by 72% across 12 national events. We have used unique social media + telemarketing based lead generation techniques to drive attendance to these events. See excerpts from the B2B Summit 2011:

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8 Reasons to step into Direct Marketing, if you haven’t already

Direct Marketing enables communication with targeted groups of consumers and it helps you build profitable customer relationships.  Here are 8 objectives Direct Marketing will help you achieve. These are also all the reasons you should use DM as a tool to improvise business functioning, especially in B2B Marketing: Generate new business leads and sales Increase […]

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Steal ideas, not content

Plagiarism, content duplication and newer Google algorithms that promise numerical weightings to content owners have fought the long war of providing us with Faster results vs Original results. That, we believe, is what gives makes social media its reputation of being unreliable this often. Blaming journalistic ethics, intended readership or even Google for this could […]

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3 Effortless ways to build a list yourself

List Building is not just about earning an income using the Internet. It is also about having a list of active subscribers, converting them into prospects and giving something back to your business.  The key to making sure you succeed is to have reliable marketing tools and quality content to provide your customers and prospects.  […]

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Blogs and Banter in the world of brands: 8 Things you ought to know about blogging

1) Blogs are not about the media, but about democracy Everyone is a reporter, you know. As a representative of the communications department, one can’t help but agree with it. Imagine a world where everyone had a secret diary which everyone else could read. It is nearly that bad. 2) Blogs are not about recall […]

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