Resolutions are meant to be broken, not always, but they do hold a reputation for it. As every industry expert makes resolutions, lays them down and cares to share them with the world; we, at NexSales have taken the liberty to choose the best ones of the clan and present them before you. Even if you don’t follow each one of them till the end of time, they are sure to help you analyse your shortcomings. That, we believe, is a good place to start.

Here is a list of New Year Resolutions taken by various marketers around the globe in effort to adapt progressive field habits:

–          Spend more time getting to know people

–          Reduce, reuse, recycle: Content

–          Focus on traditional marketing but to think outside the confines of “traditional” PR

–          Listen to what my customers have to say

–          Try something new with every campaign

–          Try be a better writer; in 140 characters or less

–          Ensure to speak measurement upfront, not when asked by the client

–          Engage in SEO friendly idea

–          To slow it down and clean up my act when necessary

–          Improve website design

–          Approach technology and alternatives and adapt to them faster

If you think here is a resolution that matches your marketing needs, feel free to adapt. We also invite you to share your own resolutions below. Happy New Year!