About Nexsales

Founded in 2008 a B2B Marketing and Sales Solution provider, Nexsales is an expert in contact data management and lead generation. We work as your partner to provide you with accurate inside information and prospect intelligence that help you define your challenges better. We craft B2B marketing programs and combine targeted list building, telephone-based outreach, with brand strategy, social media, and innovations in technology and analytics.

Our Leadership Team

Milap Shah,

Executive Chairman & Founder

Milap Shah spearheads the company’s vision and growth initiatives.Leveraging his extensive management consulting experience in over 20 countries at the C-level, Milap builds strategic client relationships and leads full-scale solutions initiatives.

Prior to founding Nexsales, Milap headed the Asia Operations for Global eProcure, where he profitably grew the operations from early start-up stage to three delivery centers across the world; and developed a high caliber leadership team. As a Manager with Accenture’s management consulting practice, he led strategy, supply chain, global outsourcing and IT engagements for Fortune 500 companies like Deutsche Bank, Shell and SABIC. Milap was also named to the prestigious 2007 “Pros To Know” list, by the US-based Supply & Demand Chain Executive for his leadership in influencing decision making at the Board level and for his expertise in the supply chain and outsourcing fields.

Jay Kamdar,

CEO & Co-Founder

Jay Kamdar is the CEO with 30 years of management, sales, marketing and engineering experience.  Jay has led number of break-through technology startups from conceptualization to commercialization stages.

Most recently at MagSil Corporation, Jay led the commercialization of IP Portfolio generating tens of millions of dollars in licensing revenue. At  MoSys Inc as the head of Asia Sales he successfully drove multi-million dollar business engagements with global OEMs in Japan and Korea. Jay  was a Co-founder, COO and later CEO of Nazomi Communications, a pioneer in Java Acceleration Technology and a provider of multimedia & Java application processors. He drove Nazomi’s technology and chip products into cell phones made by world’s leading phone makers such as Samsung, SK Telecom, Sony and Sharp. At Sun Microsystems he was a senior group marketing manager responsible for Java processor products for Internet Appliances such as mobile, smart card, set-top boxes and Internet TV markets. Jay spent early years of his career with National Semiconductor in a number of positions, including Sr. Product Marketing Director for a $500M+ division.



How We Work:

We are polyglots…

We believe in using the best resources and processes for the job depending on the business need while maintaining a slight bias toward the tools the team knows the best.
What is more important is getting the job done and well!

We are innovators…

We believe that to be in front of the game you cannot walk the treaded path. We have developed innovative technology and processes such as our latest path breaking patent pending technology, FastSwitch™, is a live call automation system that enables our clients to directly have relevant conversations with the targeted prospects with access to in-depth prospect profile.

We are agile…

Agile methodologies mean different things to different people. For us, the most important part of Agile is doing what works best for the team, focusing on quick ROI and alignment to the business need. We are truly a global company. We have people in Seattle, California, Michigan, Florida and Mumbai. We’re pragmatic, not dogmatic. We’re never afraid to try to new things to see if they work and reconsider our positions if the situation warrants it.

We value our people…

We spend time regularly working on whatever we’re interested in. You will have ready access to Executive Management. Salaries are generous and ample vacation time. We work hard, We play hard!


We’re looking for people who are interested in getting in on the ground floor of an incredible opportunity to build amazing software. Think you’ve got something to contribute to our exceptional team? We’d like to hear from you!You can mail us at career@nexsales.com

Contact Us

Corporate Headquarters: Silicon Valley

Nexsales Corporation
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., #129
Cupertino, CA 95014 USA

Telephone: +1-408-831-3800
Fax: +1-408-831-3700

Asia Operations

Delivery Center 1
Plot 34 (Part), SEEPZ (SEZ),
Andheri (E),
Mumbai 400 096 India



Delivery Center 2
201, Wadala Udyog Bhavan,
Naigaum Cross Road,
Mumbai – 400 031 India


Delivery Center 3
First Floor, Unit No. E-3,
Western Industrial Co-operative Estate Limited, MIDC Marol
Opposite SEEPZ Gate No.1, Andheri(E)
Mumbai – 400 093 India

Content Marketing: Managing your content

  • Does your company create content just for the sake of having it?
  • Does it have enough content, but not enough relevant content?
  • Do you struggle between quality and quantity when it comes to generating content for your brand?

There is a lot more to content than just white papers. Everything from blog posts, videos, photographs, advertising copy, Twitter feeds, testimonials, Webcasts, banners, wall posts, comments—is content. Now, with so many of these floating on the Internet space, it’s a knotty business. So what is it that you must do to make sure your content stands out from the rest of those firms?

Browsing through the web, we stumbled upon this insightful post which well explains why ‘content is king’:

Are You Content with Your Content? (Wrestling with Quality Vs. Frequency)by Scott Levine

Make the most of this content.

Alignment of Sales and Marketing: Key ingredient to effective business management

“More leads is just what we need!” says the sales manager. “So what happened of the ones we gave you last month?” enquires the marketing manager. “Those leads weren’t good enough” comes the reply from the frustrated sales manager… and so goes the never-ending lead “quality vs. quantity” debate that both the Marketing and the Sales departments have been trying to win.

It’s not just about the ‘Quality vs Quantity’ argument anymore. With each passing year, implementing appropriate technology that helps align both teams has become necessary for an organisation to grow and sustain this market.

This stereotypical back and forth blame-game may have become a thing of the past for many organizations that align the goals of the sales and marketing teams around common measures of success.

#B2BChat has ‘Sales and Marketing’ as their agenda of discussion this week. NexSales Solutions decided to compile and contribute to this by collecting bites from various people in the respective departments.

See what they had to say:

Gartner publication mentions Nex-sales as a consultative partner for targeted list building

We’ve been working on a whitepaper over the past couple weeks that highlights best practices for marketing automation to support sales, based on our experiences from various client engagements. A new report from Gartner supports some of our insights and learning.

The Gartner publication, “Marketing Essentials: How to Automate B2B Lead Nurturing”, authored by Richard Fouts, elaborates why Leads fall through cracks and how automation can help prevent this while using low-cost online nurturing techniques. He mentions, “(Automated) lead nurturing improves both the buyer experience and the seller process”.

What really got us all kicked was the part where he mentioned Nex-sales as a consultative partner for targeted list building.

“You can also use consultants such as Nex-sales [and others] that do more than broker the usual prospect list, but rather validate prospects that fit your segmentation criteria with additional research, including tele-phone support.”

This is a proud moment for all of us at Nex-sales and we look forward to many such milestones.

LinkedIn Dominating The Top 3 Tweets This Week

Welcome to the weekly round-up of  the most popular tweets by @nexsales.

11 Ways to Use LinkedIn’s New Company Follow Feature http://ow.ly/1JzZk #socialmedia #linkedin

This post from Kyle Lacy blog was the most popular tweet this week @nexsales. Published barely days after the new “Company Follow” feature was introduced by LinkedIn, it provides a clear outline on the benefits for companies and jobseekers.

LinkedIn competitor #Viadeo hits 30 million members http://ow.ly/1JAhj #networking #socialmedia

This one got me in quite a few interesting conversations with people who hadn’t heard of Viadeo before.  This European competitor of LinkedIn who grew from 8.5 million users in July’09 to 30 million as of today is being considered competition only now. Definitely worth a check.

Is your sales team facing Information Overload? Let us help you decode the Basics of High Quality Lead Generation- http://ow.ly/1MTUo

This one is from our very own B2B Leadzine. The idea for this blog came about while discussing the common challenges faced by companies managing lead generation in-house and how we could share some of the expertise from Nex-sales to ease their challenges.

In case you’d missed the above, join us on Twitter @nexsales to catch up on your daily dose of stories on B2B digital solutions, Lead Generation, Social Media, Email Marketing, Database services.

Decoding Basics of High Quality Lead Generation

Is your sales team facing an Information Overload? Are they apparently working on a big bag of leads sent to them from the Marketing team? It seems like you have enough to keep your sales people busy; but is it enough to create the desired business?

In most companies, it’s a standard procedure for the marketing team to employ a mix of social media, list building, email marketing, cold calling, database services  and so on to compile a list of so-called ‘leads’. This is then passed on to the Sales team to process and convert into ‘sales’. Considering the time and efforts invested in this process and after evaluating the ratio of lead conversion, you realize that the so-called leads were indeed ‘prospects’ which had to be further converted to leads. This is a common challenge face by in-house lead generation efforts. There still remains a lot of confusion over leads and prospects and what separates the two. At Nex-sales, we simplify the critical success factors for a lead generation-

  1. Qualification criteria- The marked difference between leads and prospects is that the first one meets the criteria, while the other is only expected to meet the criteria. Hence, qualification criteria are a key element here. Importance of asking right questions in your forms and other communication cannot be undermined. In addition to this, lead scoring should also be adopted by assigning a numeric score to each lead. This objectivity helps in ascertaining the quality of the leads and the Sales team can prioritize and allocate resources accordingly.
  2. Support Systems- Till when can you track your lead generation process in MS Office? Even the most meticulous manual efforts in tracking your leads cannot match the effectiveness of an automated monitoring process. Invest in a trusted CRM which can help maintain your focus on the big picture while you don’t get lost in the details.
  3. Lead Nurturing- Your prospects may not be a lead today but it doesn’t imply that they will not become one in the future as well. With lead nurturing, you can continue to have conversations with them until they meet the qualification criteria. You can customize the communication and action plan depending on the nature of lead and how far they are from sales. When they turn into sales ready leads, they’ll take fewer efforts for conversion because with communication over a period of time you have already earned their trust.

These simple measures not only create clarity in the business process but also streamline the efforts of your sales team and keep them productive. While your sales team may prefer to keep the sales pipeline busy, please have a check on the quality of those leads. You may be surprised to find that you can close more deals by focussing on fewer leads than dispersing your efforts on every lead. This is a common challenge faced by most lead generation efforts.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your Lead Generation program?

Please share your thought with us in comments.

First Aid Guide for Your Ailing Email Marketing Plan

Get a database. Create a list based on certain criteria. Draft an email message with content from your brochure and send. If it works, send another batch of email. If it doesn’t work, send another batch of emails…

Is that how your email marketing has worked so far? Then let’s start with some quick first aid. Preserve life, Prevent Further Injury and Promote Recovery- the three P’s of basic treatment in First Aid are adapted below for your Email Marketing Plan:

  1. Preserve life  of list building- Finalize the detailed criteria for list building. Do not choose the filters based on what a team of people think would work. Instead, base your choice on analytics and objective data.  Periodically review the criteria based on which you are sorting the list. Be sure that learning from your past attempts has been incorporated in the new batch. Maintain documented records of the entire process so that it can be standardized for repeat use.
  2. Prevent further injury in execution- Don’t ever send mass mails without sending it to a test audience first. Follow-up with your test audience. Study results and only then proceed with another email blast. Considering that only a handful will reply, if you plan to send the email to thousands of people, please stop now. You will only be investing more resources in a less productive exercise.
  3. Promote recovery with preparation for success- One of the most important steps to expedite recovery is to be prepared for success. When you run a targeted email marketing campaign, you no longer can expect the same results as before. Even if you are sending fewer number of emails, you will still be hitting the nail on it’s head. This calls for your team to be more sales-ready. Success strikes only when opportunity is greeted by preparation. Don’t miss a chance only because you were used to the slow success of your old email marketing plan.

And finally you must consider that irrespective of your business shape or size, you must use all resources to build your mailing list. Actively use search engines. Visit social networks and top blogs from your industry. Go to niche forums and also join the chatter on Twitter. Find out other places where the crucial stakeholders of your email marketing plan are. Depending on the scope of your project, you could hire the services of a professional company specializing in List Building. Remember that you still need to go through a thorough check-up, even if you are back on your feet after first aid. A sustained follow-up and periodic check-ups are the best way to ensure a healthy email marketing plan.

Go Green: Curb Wasted Energy on Your Lead Generation Campaign

2010 started with a lot of buzz on going green, conserving energy and brainstorming sustainable practices. Conscious businesses have invested in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for good measure. Just like CFC’s are creating the ozone hole, here we have wasted lead generation measures creating a hole in your profitability. Is your business protected from the following harmful UU (UnderUtilizing) ways of Lead Generation?

  1. Build it and they will come”- Social Media is all about mobilizing the correct group of people in a manner suitable to complement your online presence. Entice people, ensure results. It’s also important to have the reasonable tools to do so. Don’t put your prospects off by having a monotonous ‘Contact Form’. Use a range of new-age tools throughout your website to engage new visitors and to strengthen your online identity.
  2. “Leave leads in the lurch”– Are you missing the important step of Lead Nurturing? Strike a sale when your brand recall is high. Have a strong follow-up team to do this. Even a small courtesy call reinforces your brand recall. Still, it is one of the most ignored aspects of Lead Generation. Let’s face it, a lot of what come in as “leads” may be mere prospects or unqualified leads. You have to dig out the gold and it can’t be done without the men and machinery. A step by step guide for Lead Nurturing should be followed with high precision.
  3. “Whose job is it anyway?” Here’s the tricky part- Lead Generation is a specialized area based on faculties of marketing and sales. It is not uncommon to note that there is still no one single person responsible for sphere heading these activities in a company. The conventional goals of these departments engage the resources for more immediate activities. Thereby, leaving little resources and funds to carry out sincere lead generation activities. For mature organizations, it is crucial to engage an internal champion to execute and track key campaigns.

If every business ran the perfect lead generation mechanism, I guess it makes our jobs redundant! Hence, honestly speaking, lead generation does not require bags of money – the real investment is time; time to understand your target audience, their motivations and their needs. At Nex-sales we take care of end-to-end demand generation needs for your company. Here’s a case study of how we helped a Risk Management and IT Security firm to boost sales by 35%. Drop us a line to know how we can help you with your sales pipeline.

Welcome to B2B Leadzine

Welcome to B2B Leadzine! Today we are in the Information Age where there’s no longer a question of “Where do I find it?” The more probable question is “Which source should I trust?” Powered by Nex-sales– an end-to-end demand generation company, B2B Leadzine exists to bring to you everything in B2B markets you wanted to know but didn’t know which source to trust.

Through B2B Leadzine we share our learnings from the field of lead generation, list building, email marketing, database service, digital and social media solutions.