One of the major IT clients, Microsoft India, wanted to develop database of software developers and IT architects in India. The client wanted to engage these experts through targeted marketing campaigns for promoting its new tool built on latest technologies. There was approximately 1.5million software professional in India working with IT and Non-IT companies then. This database of 250,000 professionals had to be built in the period of 6 months; the task of collection such a huge database in the permitted time posed a tough challenge in absence of any secondary source of information. Despite the high magnitude of the task it was achievable because the right approach was adopted with the right set of people.

The Solution:

Machwan Communications and Research was given the job of building the list. They identified engineering colleges that churn out majority of engineers across the country. A team of experts was sent to these colleges to identify and appoint students who were in their last semester of their degree course. That is how a team of around 300 freelancers was built in the first phase of the campaign. The responsibility of these freelancers was to provide them with details of their alumni from their respective placement cells. The team had to put the basic details of their alumni in an excel file and forward the details to Machwan in a specified time. Cyber cafes were booked for reporting of database from all parts of the country. Upon receiving the basic contact details the team of callers started contacting all the developers to profile the additional information required. In the first phase of the campaign the team gathered approx. database of 200,000 professionals.

In the second phase of the campaign, once the critical mass of database from the field was acquired, the telecalling team reached a good number of professionals through snow balling. In the second phase of the campaign Machwan reached around 400,000 professionals out which we successfully profiled database of 250,000 professionals. This exercise continued for four months till the time they achieved their target of 250,000 records.

The Result:

“The effort and dedication put by MCR in building database of such a high magnitude without any secondary source is truly an achievement. The task which looked impossible to achieve in the available time at one point was accomplished with so much ease. Moreover, the accuracy of database is beyond our expectation. This database made launch of our new tool successful beyond expectation.”- Microsoft India