Interactive aspects of marketing are becoming a larger part of the marketing mix by the day. A certain Forrester report estimates that by 2016, online advertising spend will be equivalent to television spend today. This means marketers will spend $77 billion on interactive marketing alone by 2016.

The benefits of professional email marketing have been very strong and clear from the beginning. It was the very first platform many of us have used positively to build our business database. It has experienced quite resurgence ever since, as we all can attest to the massive email marketing we get daily, many of which we did not subscribe to.

When someone voluntarily signs up to become a part of your email marketing database, they are committing to you as a professional and are giving you “permission” to send them timely, helpful and relevant resources and information. This is the greatest way to grow and build trust. It is also a very targeted and effective way to ‘ask people for their attention’. There is great power and responsibility in permission based marketing, as long as you are using it appropriately and respecting your community.

Deborah Shane, a popular media host and a contributing author to SmallBizTrends speaks of 5 ways to grow and build trust using email marketing to grow your business while keeping in mind the importance of ‘Permission’:

  1. Create a monthly Newsletter with specific themes and content that is thoughtful and highly targeted to what your followers need and want from you. Get to know who is on your list and why they joined it in the first place.
  2. Be consistent with sending your message and campaign out monthly and find the best frequency and timing. Do not over kill your list with too many daily emails. More and more people are tuning out and unsubscribing to those that over email, regardless of how popular they are.
  3. Offer content especially for this community that other people do not have access too that are NOT on the list. Let your community know how exclusive they are to you and how much you want to serve their specific needs.
  4. Integrate your email marketing campaign into all your other platforms. Unify the message across your social media, blog, websites, podcasting, video and mobile. Make sure your visual logo, look and feel are consistent over all your platforms.
  5. “Serving is the New Selling’ should be your approach and mantra. Giving lots of FREE WHY, then SELLING the HOW is a perfect formula. We are in it to make money right? Yes, but earning the business by building strong relationships and using the trust to sell your products and services is why they choose you and ensures more longevity in customer retention.