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Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is one of the most widely used tools used by marketing professionals worldwide. It provides a mass communication media with predictable results at significantly lower cost. No wonder it was rated as the third-most effective lead generation tactic for 2012. Marketing automation further provides means to selectively deliver content and react quickly to prospect interactions.

However, the success of an email marketing campaign is directly affected by the quality and accuracy of the prospect list. Without good data, not only are opens and clicks low, but also the chances of email recipient complaints (in spite of opt-in) is higher. Marketing automation is an expensive investment that is wasted because of low volume of opens and clicks caused by bad data.

Nexsales can help provide a 251% increase in email marketing automation ROI by providing a highly targeted prospect list with over 95% accuracy, a marketing automation platform to send trigger-based emails and lead scoring.

Our Email Marketing Automation Support service depends on innovations proprietary to Nexsales:

  • Pin-pointed B2B prospect list
    • 24.3 million contacts over 13.5 companies
    • 95% accuracy
    • Role-based contacts
  • Market intelligence:
    • Targeted audience using market intelligence reports and advance insights into customer behavior
    • Market segmentation and account profiling helps narrow the playing field to deliver higher throughput
  • Content support:
    • We use content specialists to create relevant content to drive email response rate
    • Email copy, Art design, Videos, Branded microsite development with landing page optimization


“Nexsales expertise in account profiling and identifying accurate contacts to support our demand generation programs consistently impresses us. Their level of detail and quality of delivery stands out in the marketplace.”

Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Knouen Technologies


“Highly recommended for their ability to support marketing initiatives.”

Partner, Everest Research Institute

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