Nexsales is a global demand generation firm that has helped B2B marketing firms achieve repeatable revenue growth through best-in-class outbound and inbound B2B lead generation solutions. Nexsales partners with B2B marketing firms to help them meet their desired ROI and revenue targets by supporting their lead generation campaigns with a high quality source of role-based B2B prospects lists, in-depth inside intelligence and a team of 150+ veteran marketers.

Marketing services firms that have partnered with us have experienced about 50% growth year on year. We have doubled our partner network every year because we ensure that we achieve our targets, on time, every time.

VoiceReach – Our 2nd Generation Product VoiceReach is arriving soon!

VoiceReach enables you to have meaningful sales conversations with 8 – 11 highly targeted prospects every hour and providing a 8 X productivity boost.
All you have to do is plug in to our system, using either your headsets or telephone and VoiceReach establishes a direct telephone link between your representative and a relevant prospect.
You only pay for relevant conversations. What’s more, you do not have to worry about building a prospect list, if you don’t have one.

  • Do you feel that connecting with the elusive prospect is presenting a significant challenge?
  • Do your reps make about 240 calls before getting to a sales-ready lead?
  • You know telemarketing is effective but the very low prospect connect rate (less than 8 conversations/day) is affecting predictability and output volumes of your marketing campaigns.

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“VoiceReach successfully delivered to its promise of teeing up relevant sales conversations. My inside sales reps now complete more conversations in 3 hours, than they did in 3 days. Phenomenal!”

President, Acadia Lead Management Solutions

B2B Data – RightLeads

Nexsales proprietary lead discovery process easily discovers hard-to-find decision makers with confirmed role in the buying process. We not only provide prospect lists but also in-depth inside intelligence for increased conversions such as:

  • Current pain points and needs
  • Competitive landscape
  • Available budget
  • Timeframe for purchase, etc.
  • Are frustrated with list brokers because of inaccurate data and poor quality?
  • Are your reps not being able to have meaningful interactions because they do not have the required insight into the prospect?
  • You have great content for email marketing and veteran telemarketers. But is the prospect list the bottleneck bringing down campaign efficacy?

Find out more on our RightLeads, B2B data services


“You can also use consultants such as Nexsales that do more than broker the usual prospect list, but rather validate prospects that fit your segmentation criteria with additional research, including telephone support.”

Research Director, Gartner Research


Nexsales can help you build a consistent pipeline of sales ready leads with 30%+ conversion by thorough account profiling across 14 million companies, leveraging valuable inside intelligence and telemarketing using our 150+ veteran marketing professionals to guarantee the highest quality of leads. Combined with VoiceReach based efficiencies and prospect inside intelligence, we optimize your lead generation ROI.

We helped a Fortune-100 technology firm propel channel partner revenues by scheduling 475 highly qualified appointments with C-suite targets through role-based decision maker identification and telemarketing solutions.

  • Do you come to sales appointments and wonder why you even showed up?
  • Are leads passed to sales without efficient lead scoring and qualification?
  • Are you struggling with the extreme downward pressure on cost per lead?

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“Our sales cycles are long term and complex. The team at Nexsales quickly grasped the problems and sales messages, and generated immediate results.”

VP Marketing, Iter8

Social Media

We are digital stylists. Our creative directors work with you to create thoughts, ideas and concepts to produce the most effective plans you’ve ever had. We identify your target audience, track their online presence and connect with them to build a long-term relationship that translates to measurable results.

  • Are you not being able to have meaningful interactions with your prospect via social media?
  • Are you unable to create relevant content to empower meaningful conversations?

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“Not just an agency, they are like our internal head of digital marketing.”

Country Managing Director, Reliance Brands – Diesel

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