According to a recent DMA Response Rate Report, outbound telemarketing to prospects had the highest response rate from prospects – 6.16%. But lack of resources, budget and staffing is greatly reduced budget allocation to telemarketing. Nexsales provides telemarketing using veteran US based sales reps combined with LinkStreak based efficiencies to optimize your lead generation ROI.

Our telemarketers are experienced in conducting one-to-one personal interaction with prospects that get to the heart of the matter and identify, nurture and deliver the sales-ready leads that you need. Combine this with in-depth inside intelligence and not only will the leads we provide to you be sales-ready and warm but also you will have the necessary tools to have a pinpointed conversation to close the deal.

We can help you with:

  • Appointment setting
  • Lead acquisition
  • Lead qualification and scoring

One of our partners helped a Fortune-100 technology major propelled channel partner revenues by scheduling 475 highly qualified appointments with C-suite targets through role-based decision maker identification and telemarketing combined with LinkStreak.

  • Global delivery model with LinkStreak
    • Experienced US based sales experts with specialist offshore call center support
    • LinkStreak powered by FastSwitch™ technology enables high number of relevant conversations
  • Deep domain expertise
    • Expertise in technology solutions and services, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, etc.
    • Specialists in consultative sales (CxO-level), lead gen experts & research analysts
  • Advanced modeling for predictable outcomes
    • Model based on different types of campaigns across millions of prospect outreaches
    • Predictive analysis takes the guess-work out of lead gen campaigns


“Nexsales’ unique system of providing specific qualified leads has helped my Financial Services practice grow by opening doors to the business market generating many business opportunities.”

Owner, Lifetime Planning Advisors


“Nexsales has been instrumental in our organization having a consistently strong sales pipeline. Now that’s what I call adding value”

VP Marketing, CSI Consulting

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