Social Media Marketing is a wide-spread phenomenon. It’s a green alternative, a cost efficient marketing tactic and a two way communication streak. But there’s more to Social Media than just social networking sites. Content Marketing is an important factor of Social Media and is increasingly gaining substance. ‘Blogs’ and ‘Forums’ are coming to become an integral part of it.

One of the attractions of social media is that it gives customers a way to get more personal with your company. It allows them to feel that they are special because you are making yourself accessible to them. Even if you aren’t sharing your company’s most closely guarded secrets with your customers, merely reaching out to them through social media goes a long way towards building better client relations. When customers see that business with you means a two-way relationship, they are more inclined to continue with that relationship.

Apart from the fanpages and twitter accounts, blogs and forums play a large role in making your customers speak about your products and spread the word. This remains constant in B2B and B2C arenas, both. Building a bond between your product and your customer is essential. Once that is done, you can choose a platform specific for your campaign requirements instead having a presence on every possible platform.

In one particular post we found worth sharing, the blogger speaks of tactics and importance of building a bond with your customers and how ‘Blogging’ and ‘Forums’ will work positively for your ORM. But the key is to remember that Social Media is just a virtual projection of your business and expecting a positive ORM report without satisfying consumers is a waste of time.

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