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Conventional Marketing VS Social Media Marketing: Importance of a content based approach

Sure, everyone says you should be using social media, but can you really use it effectively for the critical tasks you get paid to accomplish as a marketing professional, like lead generation and helping your company’s sales team move the needle? Truth be told, no one is an expert here. Social media is new to […]

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Landing Page Optimization: How much is too much for testing B2B Lead Generation?

According to Marketing Sherpa’s Landing Page Handbook, improving your landing pages can increase your conversions by 40% or more. Perhaps the largest difference between business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) pay-per-click is that the post-click goal for most B2B marketers is to capture a lead, not make a sale. This means that B2B companies must focus […]

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Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing: Weighing B2B Priorities

Email Marketing and Social Media seem to have been debated upon for which one proves as a better platform to driving sales and marketing. Both of them have different approaches to B2B and B2C businesses and speaking of B2B, experts argue that Email Marketing wins over Social Media largely. Social media, while still maintaining a […]

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First Aid Guide for Your Ailing Email Marketing Plan: Tips and Best Practices

Get a database. Create a list based on certain criteria. Draft an email message with content from your brochure and send. If it works, send another batch of email. If it doesn’t work, send another batch of emails… Is that how your email marketing has worked so far? Then let’s start with some quick first […]

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Why Email Marketing cannot be measured by Clickthrough rates alone: Marketing Sherpa Email Marketing Metrics Report

Email Marketing being a crucial part of marketing, has become increasingly important to track results. Methods to track your email marketing campaign results have been discussed over time. A recent report by our partners, Marketing Sherpa, reveals that it is not half as crucial what method you use for tracking, if you don’t know what […]

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News Update: LinkedIn rumoured to introduce ‘One Click Job Application Plug-in!

A recent Mashable report states that, LinkedIn, the professional networking site, is soon to launch a ‘Job Application Button/Plug-in’ which would enable applicants to submit their LinkedIn profiles as their resume. Networking, job-seeking and the HR industry will hereby rejoice assuming your next job employer or employee will be just a click away. According to […]

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