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Blogs and Banter in the world of brands: 8 Things you ought to know about blogging

1) Blogs are not about the media, but about democracy Everyone is a reporter, you know. As a representative of the communications department, one can’t help but agree with it. Imagine a world where everyone had a secret diary which everyone else could read. It is nearly that bad. 2) Blogs are not about recall […]

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5 Things to keep in mind before creating a content strategy for your B2B Blog

If your business has decided to jump on the blogwagon, it’s essential to understand exactly what it is that you’re setting out to achieve. Here are 8 great steps for you to follow building your blog strategy: 1. Who Is Your Target Audience? First, who are you writing your blog for? Do your target audience […]

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Exploring Direct Marketing and Building Profitable Relationships

Direct Marketing enables communication with targeted groups of consumers and it helps you build profitable customer relationships.  It can help you achieve specific objectives such as: Generate new business leads and sales Increase sales from existing customers Re-establish relationships with dormant customers Increase customer loyalty Direct marketing is an especially useful tool for small businesses because […]

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All that you need to know before you create A Google+ Page for your B2B Company

We know you don’t want yet another platform to put your brand on with Twitter and Facebook being enough to keep up with, but Google doesn’t seem to think so. So should you spread yourself even thinner than you already are? Take a look at this Google+ brand page breakdown from by Information Architect, Micah France, […]

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3 Dimensions to measuring customer engagement in B2B Marketing

To derive business success in B2B Marketing, a company needs to ensure that it drives customer satisfaction, trust and a positive rapport. This formula is especially effective when thinking about customers – their experiences; what you want them to feel, think and do; and what kind of processes and systems you need to build to support […]

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Marketing Sherpa B2B Summit 2011: Insights from the insiders

Having been a part of two of the most impressive and informative summits of the year; Marketing Sherpa B2B Summit 2011(Boston and San Francisco), we at NexSales see no reason to keep the knowledge and marketing tips from you. Here is a list of some amazing ideas that were shared at the summit by our […]

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How to get started with building an Email List yourself: Email Marketing Tactics

Building your email list should be one of your top most critical marketing goals. Every goal needs planning and strategizing. Here are a few tips and best practices for the some of the businesses that still haven’t built an email list of subscribers that can help them with their long term marketing efforts. So, here […]

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The role of a Logo in your Branding Strategy: How and Why NexSales chose to rebrand!

When branding is spoken about its not uncommon for people to mistake their logo as their “branding”. Your logo is only one piece of your branding strategy, yet powerful. Your logo is a symbol that can provide consumers with instant and powerful brand recognition of your business and the services or products that you offer. […]

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Why B2B Marketing is similar to ‘Barter System’ and its Marketing takeaway

When marketing is discussed, types and methods of marketing are laid down and pondered upon. Whether it is Direct Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Telemarketing or plain blogging, what matters most is what you provide and how your consumers and prospects can make the most of it. In all precision, Marketing is more about what your […]

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Using Facebook for B2B Social Media Marketing: Success Stories

Many B2B marketers approach Facebook with the knowledge of how to maintain a personal profile, but still shake their heads at how to get results from a Business Page for their B2B Company.  According to Jeffery L Cohen, “There are two basic things you need to know about managing a Facebook Page for a B2B […]

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