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8 Reasons to step into Direct Marketing, if you haven’t already

Direct Marketing enables communication with targeted groups of consumers and it helps you build profitable customer relationships.  Here are 8 objectives Direct Marketing will help you achieve. These are also all the reasons you should use DM as a tool to improvise business functioning, especially in B2B Marketing: Generate new business leads and sales Increase […]

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3 Effortless ways to build a list yourself

List Building is not just about earning an income using the Internet. It is also about having a list of active subscribers, converting them into prospects and giving something back to your business.  The key to making sure you succeed is to have reliable marketing tools and quality content to provide your customers and prospects.  […]

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Unique Ideas for List Building: Microsoft Caselet

Background: One of the major IT clients, Microsoft India, wanted to develop database of software developers and IT architects in India. The client wanted to engage these experts through targeted marketing campaigns for promoting its new tool built on latest technologies. There was approximately 1.5million software professional in India working with IT and Non-IT companies […]

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Data Quality: Root Causes of Data Quality Issues for most Companies

The reasons for bad data quality include fast changing business dynamics, systems management gaps, un-controlled application proliferation and people issues. Before one looks at how to improve data, its prudent to understand the root cause, or the events, which result in data quality deterioration or brings out the existing data quality issues. Business Dynamics Change […]

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Reaching the Decision Makers- Top most B2B Priority and Challenge- Best Practices and Tips

According to David Kirkpatrick, “When anything from cold call sales all the way to reaching out to customers — the gatekeeper. That’s the person somewhere along the trail of that phone call takes that simply says, “No, you cannot speak with that person.”” He makes much sense here. Whether you have a teleprospecting team making these […]

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How to get started with building an Email List yourself: Email Marketing Tactics

Building your email list should be one of your top most critical marketing goals. Every goal needs planning and strategizing. Here are a few tips and best practices for the some of the businesses that still haven’t built an email list of subscribers that can help them with their long term marketing efforts. So, here […]

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Importance of Direct Mailing and tactics by David Ogilvy

With Email Marketing blooming and taking over traditional marketing techniques, many firms seem to have increased their budgets for modern mailing and marketing campaigns. For professionals like us, it is important to know that Direct Mailing is anything but a traditional marketing technique. Infact, it is a thoughtful yet contemporary strategy that marketers and advertisers […]

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Top 10 ways to make your Email Marketing Campaign effective and valuable

Most people don’t fancy opening emails with sales pitches and special offers inside because 9/10 times they don’t find it much of their interest. They are barely eager to get the next email from the same vendor. Yet many companies use their email newsletter to barrage their customers and prospects with offers and promotions. If […]

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Importance of Data Quality: Tips and Best Practices for improving Data Quality

It is always a delight to find your data neatly compiled and easily accessible. Same goes with businesses; they prefer to have their data well organised and relevant. In this post, we have compiled a list of quotes about Data Quality from the insiders. If data quality wasn’t one of your top priorities yet, reading […]

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How ‘Custom Built Lists’ result in stronger ROI and a larger outreach: Case Study

Whether you call it a case study, a success story, or something else, these little action-packed workhorses go a long way towards helping marketers and sales personnel learn, improvise and direct their campaigns and strategies accordingly . Nex-sales Solutions being a Demand Generation and Social Media Marketing company, remains focused on end-to-end demand generation services providing […]

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