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5 Steps to Lead Generation using Twitter: Social Lead Generation

Not too long ago, we discussed Social Lead Generation on the blog and our other social platforms. This week, we dig further into it and present to you 5 ways one can generate leads using Twitter. Trish Burtuzzi, in one of his posts on The Bridge Group’s blog shares these tricks. 1. Follow your prospects: […]

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Prerequisites for marketers who wish to use Social Media for Lead Generation

There are a couple of important factors to consider when investing in Social Media for lead generation: Your social media team size. The amount of time you’re willing to invest in Social Media. These two factors should allow you to carefully choose the Social Media channels you can invest it. For instance, Twitter would require a […]

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Conventional Marketing VS Social Media Marketing: Importance of a content based approach

Sure, everyone says you should be using social media, but can you really use it effectively for the critical tasks you get paid to accomplish as a marketing professional, like lead generation and helping your company’s sales team move the needle? Truth be told, no one is an expert here. Social media is new to […]

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7 ways the ‘Sales Lead Qualification Process’ helps you generate revenue

Time and money being highly limited resources, carefully making use of each for sales lead generation and a follow up on prospective clients is the key to building a profitable business. And regardless of whether you have a small or large business, this rule applies almost all the time. Whether you’re a solo-entrepreneur/consultant or have […]

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3 steps to give your Social Lead Generation Process a kick start

‘Social Lead Generation’, as Christopher Hosford explains in his post, ‘Social lead generation: A work in progress‘ , is the use of social media for lead generation purposes among digital marketers. Here are a few steps to successfully implement Social Lead Generation Process: 1. Be an active participant: Being a part of social media as a […]

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