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A good time to invest in Social Media, or not: Find out what’s best for your business

As of mid 2011, 44-percent of Fortune 500 companies didn’t have a Facebook account and another 40-percent don’t have a Twitter presence. These companies –with a vastness of resources haven’t taken the time to ask their in-house IT guys to set up a simple Facebook page? With online communities blooming, we have had to fight, tooth-and-nail, […]

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Social Media Update: Google Analytics Releases its Real Time Dashboard as Enterprise Tier and what it means for your Website

To be at par with the fast moving world of the Web, Google Analytics unveils the Google Analytics Real-Time, which will give you a real time up-to-the minute update on whatever is happening on your website and more. The new metamorphosis of Google Analytics will be in the form of a set of new reports […]

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Social Media Case-Study- Tron Legacy

Tron Case Study Agency: NexSales’s ‘Flarepath’ Background Tron Legacy, a sequel of the internationally acclaimed sci-fi film Tron that released in the year 1982, hit the Indian screens in Dec 2010. Though Tron is a well known name globally, the Indian audience was unacquainted with this title and unfamiliar with the plot of the film. […]

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QR Code: A Potential Mobile Solution for Marketers!

So last week you get something in the mail from your dentist with a QR code on it. However, its too small to scan. Then you get a menu from your pizza delivery place and that has a QR code on it. You scan it and find the link to be broken! There are QR […]

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3 steps to give your Social Lead Generation Process a kick start

‘Social Lead Generation’, as Christopher Hosford explains in his post, ‘Social lead generation: A work in progress‘ , is the use of social media for lead generation purposes among digital marketers. Here are a few steps to successfully implement Social Lead Generation Process: 1. Be an active participant: Being a part of social media as a […]

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LinkedIn Dominating The Top 3 Tweets This Week

Welcome to the weekly round-up of  the most popular tweets by @nexsales. 11 Ways to Use LinkedIn’s New Company Follow Feature http://ow.ly/1JzZk #socialmedia #linkedin This post from Kyle Lacy blog was the most popular tweet this week @nexsales. Published barely days after the new “Company Follow” feature was introduced by LinkedIn, it provides a clear […]

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First Aid Guide for Your Ailing Email Marketing Plan

Get a database. Create a list based on certain criteria. Draft an email message with content from your brochure and send. If it works, send another batch of email. If it doesn’t work, send another batch of emails… Is that how your email marketing has worked so far? Then let’s start with some quick first […]

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Go Green: Curb Wasted Energy on Your Lead Generation Campaign

2010 started with a lot of buzz on going green, conserving energy and brainstorming sustainable practices. Conscious businesses have invested in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for good measure. Just like CFC’s are creating the ozone hole, here we have wasted lead generation measures creating a hole in your profitability. Is your business protected from […]

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Welcome to B2B Leadzine

Welcome to B2B Leadzine! Today we are in the Information Age where there’s no longer a question of “Where do I find it?” The more probable question is “Which source should I trust?” Powered by Nex-sales– an end-to-end demand generation company, B2B Leadzine exists to bring to you everything in B2B markets you wanted to […]

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