4 Email Marketing approaches to consider before you run a campaign

According to a survey organized by BtoB Magazine in January 2011, 63% of respondents would like to increase spending on email marketing in 2011. This is not surprising since 72% of those respondents answered that Return-of-Investment (ROI) on their email marketing campaigns is excellent.

There is a right way and several wrong ways to use email marketing as a tool to increase your prospects list and encourage them to buy from you. This post talks about a need for disciplined approach to the process of Email Marketing, in the areas mentioned below:

1. Strategy:

Email Nurturing strategies are a subset to the processes of lead generation and lead nurturing. Before sending an email there are certain strategies you have to work on:

–          Campaign Specific Ideas:

Having a staff that can design campaign specific content helps implement effective B2B Marketing promotions, because, a firm that specializes in B2B marketing must be able to show potential clients an impressive track record of successful advertising promotions that met their clients’ goals and objectives.

–          Ideal Customer Profile:

Knowing your TG is important. A business must know its customers before sending out mails to them. Things like, ‘company situation, sphere of influence, trigger events and the industry’ are to be taken into consideration.

2. Content Library:

Having your content ready goes a long way in lessening chaos and improving efficiency. While it is necessary to have content that is campaign specific, one must also consider sending mails ‘type-specific’ for example:

–          One-to-many

–          One-to-one

–          Blog/E-newsletter

–          Invitations

3. Email Hygiene:

There are many a tactics which, if followed, bring back astonishing results in ROI where Email Marketing is concerned.

–          Avoiding typographical, grammatical and lousily written content

–          Ensuring your email invites interaction like- clickthrough, follow, reply, register, tweet/retweet etc

–          Being careful of CAN-Spam laws and not outdoing them

–          A/B testing is not just marketing experimentation but also a part of lead generation

4. Measuring Results:

Apart from analyzing previous mistakes, making suggestions for improvements in the future, a definite approach to measuring the results of Email Marketing is needed. All the 4 components mentioned below, together mark growth, depreciation:

–          Email interactions (opens, clicks and replies)

–          Website visits (product or service pages)

–          Collateral downloads (registration or clicks)

–          Event attendance (webinar, tradeshow)

–          Request info (contact us form, email request)

Though it may sit in the shadows of today’s shinier marketing techniques, email marketing continues to be an effective, low-cost way for Businesses to reach out to, inform and retain current customers. In fact, according to new numbers from Forrester Research, email marketing will reach $2 billion by 2014.