All work and more play at the Marketing Sherpa B2B Summit with NexSales’ B2Bingo

About 3 weeks ago we witnessed marketers and B2B experts all together for one common agenda at the Marketing Sherpa B2B Summit 2011 that went beyond great B2B marketing ideas. The agenda was to help marketers and field experts to further optimize  their  marketing/sales funnel with a systematic process for implementing proven strategies. Bringing this to life were the contributing thought leaders like Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Brian Carroll, Jeffrey Rice, Jay Baer and Jen Doyle from the MECLABS team, as well as more than 20 B2B marketing experts who shared their experience and tested successes.

We also designed a game for the summit where attendees could participate and play while the summit was on and win exciting prizes. Michael Loban (@iwanttobesocial) was our grand prize winner and went home with a Marketing Sherpa Benchmark Report worth $447 at the Boston Summit.

This week we’re expecting even more as experts gear up to give, receive and share ideas at the Marketing Sherpa B2B Summit in San Francisco.

To know more about the summit, watch this video:

This week’s summit promises foundational to advanced topics,  to refresh your traditional marketing skills while expanding your knowledge and expertise of new strategies through a powerful mix of:

  • Data-Driven Content – Based on MarketingSherpa’s latest research and benchmark data from leading B2B marketers and professionals
  • Hands-on Training – Dig deep into a variety of marketing tactics from multiple B2B experts
  • Industry Experts – Become part of the discussion and have your questions answered during interactive, audience-led panels
  • Real-Life Results from Marketers – Listen to a variety of case studies presented by your B2B marketing peers

You’ll be certain to take home a wealth of wisdom, strategies and tactics you can immediately apply to improve your marketing results—from the top of your sales funnel, down to your bottom line.

Don’t forget to drop by at stall no 10: NexSales and participate in the B2Bingo as the summit moves along to win exciting prizes like the Marketing Sherpa Benchmark Report worth $447, Starbucks giftcards and interesting goodies.

To play B2Bingo, just log onto  using your tablet or mobile with your LinkedIn profile. Click on words that have been mentioned during the summit as the speakers progress. Click on Submit at the end of the session or as you finish the Bingo. Grand Prize will be awarded to the first person to complete a winning pattern eg: Horizontal Row or Full House. This game is valid for:

Day 1 Session: 8:45 to 10:15 by Dr. Flint McGlaughlin

Day 1 Session: 4:30 to 5:30 by Jay Baer

Day 2 Session: 9:15 to 10:15 by Kristin Zhivago

For any queries on the same, visit stall 10 or drop us a tweet for immediate response at @NexSales and we’ll be glad to assist you on the same. See you at the summit.