…Because you were guessing: Marketing Mistakes to be wary of

Feeling broken and over-worked even with your marketing efforts lately? Do people take every chance to tell you that ‘marketing standard have been low very often’?

There has to be something wrong you’re doing. Not that you don’t know your work. Infact, we argue that you know best, which is why you are, where you are. Everyone makes mistakes and takes hasty decisions, specially us marketers. Given the tight deadlines and delivery pressures, we’d be surprised if you didn’t. The biggest mistake, although, you could ever make: Guessing!

There’s absolutely no reason for you to not know what your customers are thinking. We spend way too much time in “I think I know” land especially when it comes to customers. We make huge decisions based on “my best guess is” or “it seems like…” without so much as assessing the consequences.

Mistakes like these have been made before and you know you’re guessing too much when…

  • You call a certain Mr. Smith on Eastern Time because his Company profile mentions its Headquaters placement in NYC only to find out thst he operates out of California (Pacific Time)
  • Your carefully planned marketing campaign wasn’t well recieved because you assumed the presence of your target audience on a certain social platform whereas they were active on another
  • That email body you spent hours formating didn’t generate enough clickthrough rates because you provided content that YOU thought was relevant
  • During a LinkedIn group discussion, you ignored a certain lead because you weren’t certain if the person was ‘interesting’ or ‘interested’ with regards to your business
  • You send out an email with the same headline for two consequent campaigns and assume it will do well for the second time because it worked for the one before
  • You mention a prospect as a customer to another assuming they don’t know each other
  • You discuss your company’s accuracy rates boasting effenciency without complete knowledge about prior campaigns with that customer

Tonight when you sit down to evaluate your previous campaign, plan for the future events or even ponder upon this day, don’t forget to erase all presumptions and replace them with decisions made after careful factual evidence. For its possible to feel a little bad if you lose out on a prospect due to a misleading marketing report. But ever imagined being unable to close a deal all because you were doing a little guessing?