Boosting Telephonic Lead Generation Campaigns

Forrester Trends, in their recent report, state that Inside Sales is one of the most effective B2B tactic used by marketers. That explains why every business needs a sales team. This is where telemarketing steps in.

Personal feelings aside, one cannot deny that telemarketing is an essential aspect of a business. It helps companies maintain a customer base while expanding their market. If you do not have a telemarketing staff, you are missing out on a lot of other opportunities.

There are hurdles that tele-sales representatives have to overcome to reach a prospect for their lists. ‘Reaching Decision Makers’ is the single most difficult challenge according to Forrester. Not having a direct line or follow up base to the decision maker in the company makes your data all the more inaccurate and useless. It is like a selling a product to ‘you don’t know who’.

This is quiet the reason why most telemarketing campaigns are outsourced. They’re cheaper, more accurate and if customized, they turn out to be highly valuable in the long run.

Now according to Sirius Decisions’ report, “Following best practices in Data Quality can lead upto a 66% increase in the revenue”. Going by this statistic, more than half of your company’s revenue depends upon the telemarketers you outsource your work to.

We help you choose the right services. How? Read on.

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