Community Management: How to build a community around a website that hasn’t been launched?

You have a website in the making and you want to keep a ready base of customers, fans and passersby for your start-up enthusiastically. As a community manager would suggest, selling the vision of what you want to accomplish with the site, it would be ideal to collect email addresses so you can notify prospects that will be interested to know more about your business when it launches.

But that’s not all. Sharing your plans, designing a start page with links to where you want to build your community (e.g. Facebook fan page) are few other things you could work upon. Starting a teaser viral video or leaving people to wonder what’s next, helps create curiosity. For an inexpensive social media budget, it is ideal to urge your friends to spread the word or try gaining some buzz on Twitter, Quora, etc.

Here are a few tips and best practices for Community Management and how to build a community around a website that hasn’t been launched yet.

First of all you need to make research about your visitor. Their geographic location matters most. If it’s some product/e-commerce site then you need to check the trend of users who are doing activity on your site. If there is a reasonable activity going on and people are staying on your site then you can do one or any of the following for an online community:

  • Give your user an option to get registered. In this way you are opening doors to explore your site
  • Provide the option of login by using OpenID or facebook connect. In this way people will not have to get pissed off by filling out lengthy forms
  • Enable Activity streams: By that mean you will be providing a way to let others know what users are doing. For instance if you are running a forum then you can show activities. Activities not only keep your users engaged but can also be helpful to boost up your traffic as well as knowing your users’ trend
  • Invite Friends option to let users invite their friends. The success of a community lies in how much you empower your users
  • Enable the integration of Twitter/Facebook. Let your users send tweets; a free of cost marketing

These are few things which you can implement on your site as well as your community platform and prepare your website for a successful and overwhelming launch.


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