Overcoming Limitations of a Subscription Database


Cyberinc has a noble mission: safeguarding businesses against web-borne malware attacks. To expand this mission, the executive leadership team set an ambitious goal of establishing 5 proof-of-concepts within just 4 months. However, they faced a major obstacle at the time due to their lead data subscription provider's limited coverage of InfoSec decision-makers and influencers, which was compounded by their own limited bandwidth to design and execute a multi-touch outbound program.


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RightLeads’ unlocked 10X more coverage of InfoSec decision-makers, economic buyers and influencers, with select cybersecurity sectors such as: Endpoint Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Firewall, Enterprise Mobility, Secure Gateways and Identity & Access Management. The unified coverage necessitated the need to recalibrate the size of the Total Addressable Market, revealing a higher number of in-market buyers of enterprise cybersecurity solutions. These in-market buyers were then pursued using a blended outbound approach, that resulted in 7 signed proof-of-concepts.


120,000+ Prospects Identified based on their SOM
>2.5X increase in the prospect conversion rate
>95% High Data Accuracy
+7 Pilot projects intitiated owning to higher conversion
10X More coverage in infosec decision makers

About Cyberinc

Cyberinc, a Forcepoint company, offers cybersecurity solutions that safeguard against cyber threats like malware, phishing, and ransomware. It provides services such as identity and access management, threat protection, and application security, along with its flagship product, the Isla Isolation Platform. This innovative solution isolates and executes all web content off users' devices, providing comprehensive protection against web-borne malware.

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