Email Marketing: How to stop your recipients from hitting the ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk’ button?

Inspite of you using the best email practices, having an excellent reputation, and providing quality, relevant content in your email newsletter, email recipients may conveniently consider your broadcasts as ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ without worrying about the consequences to senders with reputations, products and marketing practices.

This is according to recent research by our partners MarketingSherpa, your “legitimate” emails to prospects and clients may be considered as spam or junk. If they receive your emails via MSN’s Hotmail, Yahoo, Google’s Gmail or other services, there are several reasons they might hit the “junk” or “this is spam” button (which will, if you are using a reputable email service provider, permanently remove them from your list).

Below were the top 5 reasons recipients gave for considering the mail ‘spam’:

  1. “I didn’t signup to receive an email from the sender”
  2. “Email received was not of interest”
  3. “I receive too much email from the sender”
  4. “I receive too much email from all senders”
  5. “I found the email was offensive”

So this survey tells us that, even if you’re following all the rules of the CAN-Spam Act, it is clear that email recipients are ultimately in control of deciding what they consider as junk or spam.

The solution is to work on the Top Four Areas of Email Marketing that need a disciplined approach.

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