Email Marketing: Importance of a Mobile-Ready Email Design

With Email Marketing taking over marketers, here are a few statistics according to a recent survey:

  1. 72% of respondents answered that Return-of-Investment (ROI) of their email marketing campaigns was better than most other means.
  2. 39.4% of marketing industry executives called Email Marketing the most powerful advertising channel for their business
  3. 63% of respondents would like to increase spending on email marketing in 2011
  4. 70% of brand marketers planned to make investments in email marketing niche in 2011

Statistics speak for itself like nothing else. Here are a more statistics about the current status and the future of SmartPhones:

  1. 43% of the total mobile population in the US will have a SmartPhone by the end of 2011
  2. Research estimates sales of smartphones will exceed those of PCs in 2012

By now, I’m sure you know where I’m getting with this. With the future of Email marketing and SmartPhones looking so bright, it becomes an obvious act for marketers to design their emails in a mobile friendly manner if they look forward to continue their success in emails as a marketing approach.

Matt Caldwell, senior creative director at Yesmail, says that there are three options to accommodate “mobile opens.”

  1. You can include a link to a text version of the message, which in fact many marketers do in their preheaders. While this is an easy and safe fallback, it doesn’t provide a riveting email experience.
  2. You can create a dedicated mobile version of each email, but this can be costly and time-consuming. What’s more, both of these options require additional clicks on the part of the subscriber, and we all know that more clicks translate to lower response rates.
  3. The third, and as far as Caldwell is concerned, the best option is to “design your emails to scale down cleanly” so that they are legible and engaging regardless of the platform on which they’re being read.

While we have no doubts that you will use these tips to the best of your marketing skills, Caldwell shares some more secrets in this post: Five keys to Mobile Ready Email Design, that you may find useful.

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