Importance of Direct Mailing and tactics by David Ogilvy

With Email Marketing blooming and taking over traditional marketing techniques, many firms seem to have increased their budgets for modern mailing and marketing campaigns. For professionals like us, it is important to know that Direct Mailing is anything but a traditional marketing technique. Infact, it is a thoughtful yet contemporary strategy that marketers and advertisers over the years have come to use and benefit from it.

Just when we were all ready to presume the fall of Direct Marketing, we heard David Ogilvy speak of it with more passion than he has ever spoken of his agency. In this video attached below, Ogilvy speaks of how Direct Mailing helped him grow his company faster than his counterparts with nothing more than a thoughtful strategy. Hear the words of wisdom for yourself:


Here are five Direct Marketing tactics that will help you improve your campaign:

– Who’s mailing what?

Find out what your counterparts are mailing and come up with a unique product, sample or handout that is higher in ranks or beneficiary than marketing. If you do this right, you convert your suspects into prospects with positive branding
– Don’t sell to your Suspects

With Suspects, find something of value you can give them in exchange for permission to market to them in the future. Trying to sell your services before you have built trust and confidence is futile

– Standout from the crowd

While there isn’t anything wrong with the old #10 envelope, you can stand out from the crowd by deploying the #12 envelope. What’s the difference? The #10 envelope is 4-1/8 x 9-1/2″ while the #12 is 4-3/4 x 11″. This slightly larger size will get more attention while still allowing you to use regular 1st class postage

– Track your results

Every piece of direct mail you send should have a way to track results. Remember, if you can’t measure it, don’t do it. This means that you must be very clear in your direct mail letter to define the action you want the recipient to take.

One of the many ways to monitor a response is to send people to a website for free product redemption. For example, if the goal of my direct mail letter is to get people to download a free report, you could create a unique web URL within my site and then use a service such as Google Analytics to help track activity on that page

– Test your Campaigns

Whenever you do a sizable mailing (500 pieces or more), come up with two different offers you feel are compelling and send half the list offer #1 and the second half offer #2. Track the response of each offer and see which one pulls the best response. During your next mailing, you can take your winning offer and test it against a new idea. In this way, you can eventually build a library of high-responding offers

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