What does increase in the budget of Social Media, Lead Generation and Branding mean to you?

Social media marketing, lead generation and branding are vital. As marketers, we know that well. But nothing speaks for itself like a reliable research. Here are a few recent statistics based on The Forrester Survey that prove my point:

  1. B2B marketing budgets are up 6.7 percent on average
  2. Tech-service companies have increased their budget by 17 percent
  3. Finance and insurance firms have increased their marketing budgets by 7.8 percent
  4. High-tech service providers have increased their budget by 5.9 percent
  5. Business/Professional services and manufacturing companies increased their budget by 4.3 percent

These being among the top-five spenders this year, 15.7 percent respondents agree that Lead Generation was the second leading area of investment. 13 percent claimed that branding was the third top in the category. A unanimous of 51 percent state that they have formed new business partnerships through social media marketing and thus, it is the top most area of investment.

This clearly states that consultants and marketers providing such services ought to pull up your socks and get ready to tap into the motherload, for there is much business coming your way.

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