Lead Generation Tips: Driving quality, technology and effort into a positive Lead Gen Campaign

Is your sales team facing an Information Overload? Are they apparently working on a big bag of leads sent to them from the Marketing team? It seems like you have enough to keep your sales people busy; but is it enough to create the desired business?

In most companies, it’s a standard procedure for the marketing team to employ a mix of social media, list building, email marketing, cold calling, database services  and so on to compile a list of so-called ‘leads’. This is then passed on to the Sales team to process and convert into ‘sales’. Considering the time and efforts invested in this process and after evaluating the ratio of lead conversion, you realize that the so-called leads were indeed ‘prospects’ which had to be further converted to leads.

This is a common challenge faced by in-house lead generation efforts. There still remains a lot of confusion over leads and prospects and what separates the two. Here are 3 ways to simplify the critical success factors for lead generation-

1. Qualification criteria- The marked difference between leads and prospects is that the first one meets the criteria, while the other is only expected to meet the criteria. Hence, qualification criteria are a key element here. Importance of asking right questions in your forms and other communication cannot be undermined. In addition to this, lead scoring should also be adopted by assigning a numeric score to each lead. This objectivity helps in ascertaining the quality of the leads and the Sales team can prioritize and allocate resources accordingly.

2.  Support Systems- Till when can you track your lead generation process in MS Office? Even the most meticulous manual efforts in tracking your leads cannot match the effectiveness of an automated monitoring process. Invest in a trusted CRM which can help maintain your focus on the big picture while you don’t get lost in the details.

3. Lead Nurturing- Your prospects may not be a lead today but it doesn’t imply that they will not become one in the future as well. With lead nurturing, you can continue to have conversations with them until they meet the qualification criteria. You can customize the communication and action plan depending on the nature of lead and how far they are from sales. When they turn into sales ready leads, they’ll take fewer efforts for conversion because with communication over a period of time you have already earned their trust.

These simple measures not only create clarity in the business process but also streamline the efforts of your sales team and keep them productive. While your sales team may prefer to keep the sales pipeline busy, please have a check on the quality of those leads. You may be surprised to find that you can close more deals by focussing on fewer leads than dispersing your efforts on every lead. This is a common challenge faced by most lead generation efforts.

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