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Discover how we help RevOps teams address their PipeGen challenges with a 3-step approach


An updated TAM - fully aligned with your current ICP reality - is key to a predictable pipeline. With RightLeads, we ensure that we start ground up, define and expand your ICP to target the right personas.

RightLeads’ AI-driven recommendation engine creates high priority cohorts of your ICP and feeds this into the marketing platforms for reaching out to them at the right stage of their buying journey.

Omnichannel Outreach

By Leveraging methods like Email Marketing, Programmatic Ads, Social Media Conversations, Direct Mailers, and VoiceReach power dialer – Nexsales reaches out to the precise ICP datasets that are in-market, thereby maximizing conversions.

So what all of this means is, that we’re able to cast in a very short time, a very wide net, and start engaging with prospects.

Experienced US BDRs

We bring in highly experienced US sales reps to represent your brand with your potential prospect. With the help of RightLeads and omnichannel capabilities, our BDRs deliver 3X higher performance.

Think about it as a really well-equipped soldier going into war as opposed to somebody that’s missing his kit. And that’s exactly what our BDRs who we engage on your behalf are able to do.

Your investment with us is covered!

Invest <$20k with a pay-back period shorter than the time taken for a new sales rep to ramp up!

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