Smart ways to use Videos for B2B Marketing

According to SmartBrief, ‘66.5% of businesses have adopted social media in the past 18 months’. Moreover, in the B2B space, online marketing channels are gaining a lot of traction because of their lower delivery costs and higher response rates, as well as the potential for greater ROI than can be seen in traditional mediums like print.

Research proves the usage of videos and how they’re shared:

In the online community, video is said to be one of the most important decision influencers in buying decisions. It’s also the fastest growing content channel the world has seen. And using videos in B2B marketing can be visual, innovative with immense potential for building brand awareness and allowing your TG to get a glimpse into your company’s B2B setting.

A video has an enormous reach and potential. Yet, marketers often contemplate using a video for b2b promotion fearing the lack of engaging content. Recently, Forrester revealed that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. While the traditional media landscape has fragmented across different devices and platforms, the good news for all brands is that the cost of producing high quality video content digitally has reduced significantly with little to no loss of quality.

Over the past few years video has moved from bedroom geeks to boardroom level and is used more often for corporate communications. A brand could use a video/s to reach a broader customer base and make video addresses throughout the campaign to reassure not only customers but business investors.

In a world where information flies at us at increasingly fast speeds, it’s important to put a voice and personality to an email, Facebook page, Twitter account, or even a company’s own site. Any kind of edge a brand can get in order to mark itself out from the competition is vital. A well made, self-owned video that can be embedded on multiple platforms should certainly be the way forward for brand

We came across this video for B2B Marketers that also impressively well made and keeps its viewers engaged. We couldn’t think of a better example:

Here are a few ideas from B2B Voices on what could make a good B2B video and how b2b marketers can use videos as a tool.

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