Top 10 Email Marketing Myths that Marketers should be wary of

The number of people who are currently using the Email Marketing strategy to bolster their business a living proof of the claim, ‘Email Marketing works’. However, it is important for marketers to understand that there are associated drawbacks and unavoidable pitfalls, which a business has to prepare for to survive in this business.

Survival is one thing and believing fictions myths about something just because someone told you about it is another. So here are 10 Email Marketing Myths we’ve compiled that marketers should be vary of:

1. Email marketing will not cost you.
2. Email marketing becomes easy with rented mailing lists
3. The subject line of your email must offer a discount
4. Bold fonts, bullets, and subheads equal easy to read and more clicks in a campaign
5. A little is good; so a lot is better! Sending more mails helps your campaign
6. I have got a great list, the message in the email is irrelevant, and the list produces!
7. A test to a very small number of subscribers will show the effectiveness of the message.
8. Personalization of emails does not matter as long as they have an offer in it
9. Email promotions damage the credibility of a brand
10. All traffic is good traffic, regardless of who I am targeting

Email Marketing is an objective specific marketing tactic. It is about educating your prospects and customers about you, your products and services, and how you can help them solve a problem. Emails should educate, inform, announce, enlighten and influence human behaviour.

All the ways you can think of to accomplish this for your company is a marketing activity. Designing email marketing campaigns is truly an investment in time, creativity, resources, and energy. The more you can invest the greater business success you will have.

You may also refer to Client Bridge’s post about Email Marketing Myths written by Scott Koegler. We found it worth sharing.

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