Why B2B Marketing is similar to ‘Barter System’ and its Marketing takeaway

When marketing is discussed, types and methods of marketing are laid down and pondered upon. Whether it is Direct Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Telemarketing or plain blogging, what matters most is what you provide and how your consumers and prospects can make the most of it. In all precision, Marketing is more about what your consumers take back home and what they do with it.

You own Apple and you have an upcoming product update release; just talking about your product and its features is enough to generate hoolah in the market. But not every company is Apple and not every product is an iPhone. When it comes to B2B Marketing, there is a heavy necessity for relevance of content or as we call it, ‘Marketing Takeaways’.

This post in particular talks about ‘Marketing Takeaways’ and the process of traditional selling.

Before money was every invented, Barter System was the marketing tactic. People offered promises of something relevant and crucial in exchange for a product or commodity they desired. Here are a few similarities between Barter System and B2B Marketing:

–          In barter system the value of goods to be exchanged was often based on mutual consent

–          If you were the one to approach first, you would try to sell your point, product or service in the unique way putting more efforts into it

–          In barter system, there is no Buyer-Seller relationship; its Buyer-2-Buyer

–          Barter system may not earn you cash credits or immediate results but accumulates ‘trade credits’ or as I’d like to call it, ‘Branding’ or a positive reputation

–          With the absence of a common measure of value, barter lets you re-evaluate your products and convince the buyer to give you something equally appealing in return

While above are just mere theoretical assumptions of our belief in parallel marketing techniques between barter system and b2b marketing, the key is to have a takeaway from everything you provide and receive.

Since blogging is what I do best, here are 4 questions to ask yourself before you generate content for your marketing campaign. These questions are based on the theory of ‘Marketing Takeaways’:

  • What information can you offer that isn’t available elsewhere?
  • How can you make the subject easy to understand and accessible?
  • What research should you include?
  • What experts will provide the best insights?

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