Why the success of your Email Marketing Campaign depends upon your Landing Page?

A Forrester Research Study found that conversion rate of your landing page typically varies from 1% to 4% with under 2% for most businesses. Assuming we’re not eBay or Amazon, the average conversion rate should be 1%. Now if statistics say that having a conversion rate of 1% for your page is considered successful, research only means that 99 out of every 100 people who visit your site will leave and never come back. Now this research gets much worse if we think about the number of leads that are not being captured.

Widely accepted alternative to this problem would be having a tool that captures the names and emails of those who visit your website/landing page. It can be done by offering something of high perceived value and absolutely free in exchange of their name and emails. This lets you add a much larger number of people into your marketing and sales funnel.

Simple math further confirms that instead of losing 99 out of 100 people who visit your site/page, you’re now only losing 50 to 80 people. In other words, you will be capturing 20 to 50 people out of every 100 people who visit you, instead of just one. Furthermore, you get to send them regular emails with solid information which are of value to them and you also get to promote your product and services.

By doing that, you stay in the mind of your prospect, so when they do make the decision to buy, they will reconsider your business. Now we need not dig into any research or statistics to tell us that email marketing is critical in generating the maximum profits from your visitors.

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