World No Tobacco Day- Key takeaways for marketers

It is an indisputable fact that cigarettes kill and to top it all, today marks the ‘World No Tobacco Day’. As marketers, we have been blamed to lack the strength of character to look beyond our own interests and campaign against an industry that doubtlessly supplies something unethical. Here are 3 tips marketers could use to promote and spread the noble message today.

1. Quit Smoking, if you haven’t already: For You

However preachy this sounds, ‘Quit Smoking’. Not because you have to connect to a cause to support it but simply because you have to live to support it. Health hazards are plenty; for you and your family. Whatever be the reason or motivator- saving money, saving the family from passive smoking, taking back the control of your life and stamina.. Start with the end in mind and do it.

2. Express yourself and share your opinion: For Others

If you are a social media marketer, you have a facebook account or a blog. Voice your opinion on it. Twitter is just fine. See how people are celebrating #NoTobaccoDay. Participate. If people can celebrate the death of a hazard called Osama Bin Laden, us marketers can sure help promote the prospect death of a potential hazard.

3. Integrate your message with the brand’s campaign: For Your Brand

Work a way out with your marketing head and create a one day campaign for ‘World No Tobacco Day’ integrating your assigned brand with the message. Convince your brand manager to head it for marketers go where the consumers are and most consumers are discussing ‘cigarettes’ right now. This will enable you to target your customers and add positive brand value too.

Global Campaigns:

Here is an interesting video we came across and found worth sharing: World No Tobacco Day Promotional Video


The second richest man in Indonesia, Budi Hartono is the owner of the giant cigarette company, Djarum. Yet it looks like the government there has taken charge. The Jakarta Post confirms that the government will no longer allow cigarette companies to continue targeting their youth and destroy social fabric.

“We can no longer use excuses such as the adverse impact on tax revenue or that tobacco farmers will lose their livelihood”, declares The Jakarta Globe’s Editorial as they announce their war against tobacco by banning Cigarette Commercials and Advertisements.


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